With Such a Large Campus, How Do You Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene?

Our foremost concern is keeping the premises clean and hygienic. We have special staff dedicated to observe everyday cleaning activities. We believe that hygienic surroundings can protect the students from undue health issues. Moreover cleanliness brings peace in mind and energizes children to study and go ahead with their regular day-to-day activities in preschool.

The center is kept germ-free not only in classrooms, canteen, but the passages, playground and other areas in following ways:

  • We have water purifiers installed at our center and we use just the water from purifiers to prepare food and drinking purpose.
  • For infants, we use bed sheets given by parents, which are changed in every 1 or 2 days for cleanliness intention.
  • There is daily sweeping and cleaning activity in premises. On weekends the entire centre is properly cleaned again, which involves cleaning furniture, mattresses, swings, slides, play area, bikes, blackboards etc.
  • Personal hygiene is promoted as students are advised to wash hands constantly before and after meals, while coming back from play etc. Our staffs also observe this practice and caregivers are always decked in aprons and caps.
  • We constantly clean the bathrooms, which are maintained and washed by housekeeping staff.
  • The toys used by children are also regularly washed. Security, teething and transitional toys meant for infants are never shared with other children. These are personal for every kid.