Is My Child Secured in the Center? How Do You Keep the Premises Safe?

Safeguarding children is the prime motto of Gulshan Hill Public School, and security of kids is also the first concern of any parent. Our centers are equipped with below mentioned security measures to promise your child’s safety:

  • All the employees are entitled to go through a strict check on their backgrounds. Be it a teacher, childcare attendant, supervisor, security personnel or housekeeping executive, everyone is checked for any criminal records or odd activity, and judged on their authenticity.
  • Caregivers and housekeeping staff are made to get registered with the local police station. We ask for personal identity and residence proof for every member employed at RIS.
  • We hold regular fire training sessions, which are undertaken by the local fire agency authorities. All the fire extinguishers are checked after few months by respected officials.
  • Every nook of the premise has one CCTV camera, whose live feed is ably monitored by security supervisors.
  • Employees need to carry their identity or entry card to enter the premises. The record of the attendance and their movement is observed.
  • We issue an identity card to every family who enrol their child/children at our preschool in Thane. Also, the ID cards are only handed over to parents.
  • Only in special cases when parents request someone else to accept the child from centre do we allow the child to go along with the particular person. However, written permission from parent is mandatory. We also contact the parent before handing over the kid.

Gulshan Hill Public School also adheres to Other Safety Protocols Listed         Below:

  • Pediatricians are just a call away. They are reachable when medical needs arise. If your child is not feeling well, then you will be informed immediately and the kid will be attended by one of the verified doctors.
  • We cater educational aids and child-safe toys from quality brands. We guarantee that these objects are totally free of any harmful ingredients. Be it younger or older children, all the transitional, security and teething toys are meant for personal use only.
  • Gulshan Hill Public School prides in one of the highest attendant to child ratio so that your child gets complete attention and is thoroughly loved.