Can I Get Timely Updates about My Child’s Progress?

We understand your worry for your child’s protection once he/she gets away from your safeguarding arms. You may be having thoughts like- is my child going to be all right? Is the kid being taken care of? Hope the child is not getting into fights or eating junk? What if there is a medical emergency? What if he/she is not learning enough?

At Gulshan Hill Public schools, we let you connect with your child even during school hours and maintain complete transparency by providing following features:

  • Any query, we are just a call away. You can enquire anytime about for kid’s health or wellbeing by calling up the centre.
  • Our premise is guarded with CCTVs and you can come down to the centre to witness how your child communicates everyday in classroom, day care etc.
  • The school buses are installed with CCTV as well and you can track when your child gets on board through our application on device.
  • We also furnish a daily report to parents every day. This report has information such as the child’s health condition such as body temperature, meals, activities, medication or other special notes.
  • You can also grab live updates through our app based technology.
  • We entertain all concerns and queries immediately without any delay.
  • If you have put the child in day care or are breastfeeding the kid, then we allow you to use a private room for this activity.